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draft rev12 for CGH2 14MAY2003
5th GRPE meeting FEB2003
draft rev11 for CGH2 29MAR2003
draft rev14 for LH2
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Welcome to the UNECE GRPE Informal Group "Hydrogen/ Fuel Cell Vehicles"


Present Situation:
Development of new legal requirements is essential in order to ensure basic safety in this area. International regulations are missing. Differing national requirements and standards are not desirable for approval of vehicles running on hydrogen (see also ECE R-67 for LPG and ECE R-110 for CNG vehicles).

Necessary Steps:
Development of consensus on the drafts ECE regulations for LH2 and for CGH2. Submission of drafts to GRPE to apply for new ECE regulations. See also WP.29/GRPE - Working Party on Pollution and Energy at
Development of proposals for GTRs (Global Technical Regulations) for adoption of adoption of GTRs by signatory parties to 1998 agreement (especially from those who cannot adopt ECE regulations for their national certification process).


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