EIHP2 Supporter State





Requirements to become a Supporter:
Supporters must be registered and will get access to a specific section of the EIHP2 homepage [www.eihp.org].
The state of EIHP2 Supporter will be granted by the EIHP2 consortium.
A supporter can be any organisation working in the same field as EIHP2 or in related fields of hydrogen fuelled road vehicle propulsion systems and their related refuelling infrastructure, especially in approval, standardisation or regulatory issues. The origin of the Supporter is not limited to European Union countries.

Benefits of being a Supporter:
EIHP2 started by February of 2001 officially. As the project work takes off, informa-tion will be generated and documents be prepared by the EIHP2 consortium. Some of the information and documents will be of public interest and therefore will be placed in the public section of the EIHP2 homepage. Other information and docu-ments may not be intended for a broader public distribution at least during the project period. The consortium will decide on a case by case basis which of these informa-tion and documents will be placed in the Supporter Section. Such documents should be of interest or assistance to the Supporters in their work on hydrogen fuelled road vehicles and related refuelling infrastructure, always with focus on approval, stan-dardisation, regulatory questions and necessary codes of practice.

Supporters will be invited to possible upcoming public EIHP2 workshops with preference.

On the other hand, the EIHP2 consortium will select the Supporters also under the viewpoint of their potential and preparedness to support the overall goals of EIHP2 and the formation of a platform for further internationalisation of the project approach and its implementation on a global basis.

How to become a Supporter:
Please send an e-mail to the coordinator of EIHP2 at coordinator@eihp.org.

The coordinator will forward the application to the EIHP2 consortium for review and decision. The coordinator will inform the applicant about the decision taken by the EIHP2 consortium. In case of a positive reply the applicant will be granted Supporter state and will receive an access code to the Supporter Section.

12 April 2001