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In the second phase, EIHP 2, the draft regulation documents for Europe shall be improved step by step (revised draft versions) and developed to a global regulation for hydrogen fuelled road vehicles.Procedures for periodic vehicle inspections will be developed. Requirements for new draft standards, refuelling procedures and periodic inspections for hydrogen refuelling infrastructure components and systems will be developed and inputs forwarded to regulatory bodies (e.g. for vehicles to UN ECE in Geneva http://www.unece.org/trans/main/wp29/wp29wgs/wp29grpe/grpeage.html).

EIHP2 will furthermore undertake actions to validate the EIHP1 draft regulations by developing and realising hydrogen components and vehicles according to these drafts and getting them approved by selected authorities. In parallel, the EIHP1 draft proposal will be monitored during its discussion process at ECE in order to assist in achieving a valid regulation.

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