EIHP 2 Mid-Term Assessment Workshop

held at the
European Commission’s CCAB - Centre Albert Borchette
Brussels, 02 October 2002


General Workshop documents:

Agenda and proceedings coversheet [pdf, 97 kB]


Workshop proceedings:

Volume 1 - Morning Session [zipped pdf, 9.7 MB]

- “Introduction by the European Commission ” (W. Borthwick, DG Research)
- “Refuelling Station - WP 2” (H. Andersen, Norsk Hydro)
- “Refuelling Interfaces - WP 3” (F. Isorna, INTA)
- “Vehicle” (D. Stoll, BMW)
- “Safety - WP 5” (D. Baraldi, EC-JRC)
- “Intl. Links and Cluster Activities - WP 6” (M. Jones, BP)
- “Clean Fuel Systems - Filling Stations for Natural Gas and Hydrogen” (W. Niessen, Ballast Nedam)
- “Gas Storage Systems for Compressed Hydrogen” (S. Rau, Dynetek Europe
- “H2 powered ICE and FC buses in public operations“ (Ch. Gruber, MAN)
- “Hydrogen Safety” (U. Schmidtchen, DWV and BAM)

Volume 2 - WP2 - Refueling Station [zipped pdf, 2.1 MB]

Session notes with conclusions/findings
- “Challenges in development of an infrastructure in Europe - Experience from CUTE ” (M. Jones, BP)
- “Development of a Code for H2 Vehicle Refuelling Stations” (J. Barron, Shell)
- “Hydrogen Filling Station Based on Water-Electrolysis” (Ch. Machens, Vandenborre Technologies)
- “Hydrogen Filling Station Based on NG Reforming” (H. Andersen, Norsk Hydro)
- “Liquid Hydrogen Filling Station” (L. Allidiers, Air Liquide)
- “Gaseous Hydrogen Filling Station” (P. Bout, APCI)

Volume 3 - WP3 - Refueling Interfaces [zipped pdf, 4.8 MB]

- Session notes with conclusions/findings
- “Optimum storage pressure for on-board CGH2 storage issues” (J. Zieger, Daimler Chrysler)
- “High pressure tank refuelling tests” (Serge Chaudourne, CEA)
- “Experiences in > 70 MPa pressure storage” (S. Rau, Dynetek)
- “Nozzles, LH2 Refuelling connectors devices” (F. Michel, Messer)
- “Elements of Liquid and High Pressure Filling Stations” (J. Wolf, Linde AG)

Volume 4 - WP4 - Vehicle [zipped pdf, 1.2 MB]

- Session notes with conclusions/findings
- “Development of a Regulation for LH2 Vehicles ” (D. Stoll, BMW)
- “Development of a Regulation for CGH2 Vehicles ” (P. Adams, Volvo)
- “Necessary Modifications of Existing ECE Regulations and EC Directives” (R. Bauer, DaimlerChrysler)
- “Development of Procedures for Periodic Vehicle Inspections” (H. Mettlach, Opel)
- “Development of a Standard for Calculation of Safety Valves for Vehicle Applications” (L. Allidiers, Air Liquide)

Volume 5 - WP5 - Safety [zipped pdf, 1.7 MB]

- Session notes with conclusions/findings
- “Structure of Hydrogen Safety Problems ” (S. Dorofeev, FZK)
- “Properties of Hydrogen in Comparison with Other Fuels ” (L. Shirvill, Shell)
- “Release Scenarios and Modeling of Hydrogen Mixing and Combustion” (A. Venetsanos, NCSRDemokritos)
- “Evaluation of Hazards Associated with Hydrogen Combustion - Achievements and Issues” (S. Dorofeev, FZK)
- “Risk Analysis - Problems and Issues” (H. Rikheim, DNV & S. Nilsen, Norsk Hydro)