EIHP Final Reports [if not mentioned otherwise all in PDF format]
Joint Final Report EIHP2 - Publishable Part, 05APR2004 [0.34 MB]
WP 2.1 Codes and Standards, by Inger Hugstmyr, Hydro, 22MAR2003
[0.3 MB]
WP 2.2 Gaseous Hydrogen Vehicle Refuelling Station, by Shell, Air Products, BP, Air Liquide, Vandenborre Hydrogen Systems (Stuart Energy Europe), DNV and Hydro, JAN2004 [1.33 MB]
WP 2.3 Harmonisation of Components, by BP, 11MAR2004 [0.12 MB]
WP 2.4 Results from Workshop on "Risk Based Maintenance and Inspection for Hydrogen Refuelling Stations", by DNV, 29JAN2004 [0.44 MB]
WP 3.1 Identification of Optimum On-Board Storage Pressure for Gaseous Hydrogen City Buses, by Volvo Technology Corporation (lead) and contributing partners: Adam Opel AG, Air Products Plc., DaimlerChrysler AG, Norsk Hydro ASA, Raufoss Alternative Fuel Systems AS, Shell Global Solutions, MAR2004 [0.3 MB]

WP 3.2 Connectors Test Under High Pressure Hydrogen, by M. Le Digabel, C. Eyraud, N. Botrel, CEA, JAN2004 [0.34 MB]
WP 3.2 Modelling and Simualtion of the Filling of a Gaseous Hydrogen Tank Under Very High Pressure, by C. Perret, CEA, 04FEB2004 [6.28 MB]

WP 3.3 Hydrogen Vehicles and Infrastructure in View of European Licensing - Liquid Hydrogen, by Messer, 31JAN2004 [0.64 MB]

WP 3.3 Linde Coupling and Refuelling System - Performance and Measuring Results, by Linde AG, 03APR2003,
English [0.77 MB] German [0.58 MB]

WP 4 Summary Report on Sub-tasks 4.1 to 4.4, by BMW, 26FEB2004
[0.54 MB]
WP 4.1 Draft ECE Compressed Gaseous Hydrogen regulation, by Sub-task leader: Volvo Technology Corp.; Partners: DaimlerChrysler AG/ Adam Opel AG/ Raufoss Alternative Fuel Systems AS, 24FEB2004 [0.19 MB]
WP 4.4 Validation of EIHP Draft, by Air Liquide, 09MAR2004 [2.4 MB]
WP 5.1 Compilation of Existing Safety Data on Hydrogen and Comparative Fuels, by Shell, MAY2001 [0.04 MB]

WP 5.2 Related publishable documents procuded:

Hydrogen Applications - Risk Acceptance Criteria and Risk Assessment Methodology, by G.P. Haugom and H. Rikheim, DNV/ S. Nilsen, Hydro SA, published at EHEC2003, Grenoble, Sept. 2003 [0.43 MB]

Methodology for Rapid Risk Ranking of H2 Refuelling Station Concepts, by Hydro ASA and DNV, September 2002, revision 0 [0.21 MB]

Risk Assessments of Hydrogen Refuelling Station Concepts Based on Onsite Production, by S. Nilsen and H.S. Andersen, Hydro ASA/ G.P. Haugom, DNV/ H. Rikheim, Research Council of Norway, published at EHEC 2003, Grenoble, Sept. 2003 [0.64 MB]

Risk Acceptance Criteria for Hydrogen Refuelling
, by Hydro ASA and DNV, February 2003, revision 0 [0.04 MB]

WP 5.3 Related publishable document procuded:

"Source, dispersion and combustion modelling of an accidental release of hydrogen in an urban environment" published by A.G. Venetsanos, T. Huld, P. Adams and J.G. Bartzis in Journal of Hazardous Materials A105 (2003) 1–25
[1.07 MB]

WP 5.4 Report on Partially Vented Explosion Tube (PET), by S. Dorofeev, A. Veser, U. Bielert, W. Breitung, A. Kotchourko, FZK, MAR2004 [4.9 MB]
WP 6 Report on International Links, by BP, 06FEB2004
Report [1.07 MB]
Appendix 1 [0.08 MB]

Appendix 2 [0.07 MB]

Appendix 3 [0.11 MB]

Appendix 4 [0.14 MB]

Appendix 5 [0.18 MB]

European Integrated Hydrogen Project - Phase 2 - Results, publication by EIHP2 consortium , WHEC15, Yokohama, 27JUN - 02JUL 2004

Hydrogen Regulations, Codes and Standards for Road Vehicles and their Refueling Infrastructure in Europe, publication by R. Wurster, CUTE Conference, London, 15JUN2004

Daily Use of Hydrogen in Road Vehicles and their Refueling Infrastructure: Safety, Codes and Regulations - HYFORUM 2004 – Clean Energies for the 21st Century - 25 -28 May 2004, Beijing, P.R. China

EIHP Publications
EIHP2 Joint Presentation on Regulations, Codes & Standards at the ELEDRIVE R,C&S Workshop, Brussels, 20OCT2003 [pdf, kB]
Norsk Hydro Presentation on Experience in Approval Processes at the ELEDRIVE R,C&S Workshop, Brussels, 20OCT2003 [pdf, kB]
WP3 - Refueling Interfaces - Description, 01JULY2003 [pdf, 551 kB]
Summary - European Integrated Hydrogen Project - Phase II [EIHP2] - Regulations for Hydrogen Vehicles and Hydrogen Refuelling -
Aims and Activities
, MARCH2003 [pdf, 67 kB]
WP2 - Refueling Station - Description, 31MARCH2003 [pdf, 369 kB]
WP 2.1 - Codes and Standards, MARCH2003 [pdf, 319 kB]
WP 5 - Safety - Description, 25MAR2003 [pdf, 333 kB]
WP 5.5 - Report on design, construction and instrumentation of partially vented explosion tube (PET), MARCH2003 [pdf, 648 kB]
WP4 - Vehicle - Description, 25MARCH2003 [pdf, 278 kB]
WP 5 - Evaluation of Hazards Associated with H 2 Combustion, OCT2002
[pdf, 557 kB]
WP 5.2 - Risk Acceptance Criteria for H2 Refuelling Stations, FEB2003
[pdf, 37 kB]
WP 5.2 - Methodology for Rapid Risk Ranking of H2 Refuelling Station Concepts, SEP2002 [pdf, 211 kB]
Compilation of Existing Safety Data on Hydrogen and Comparative Fuels
MAY2001, [pdf, 39 kB]
EIHP2 presentation at the 14 th World Hydrogen Energy Conference in Montréal 13JUN-2002 [pdf, 600 kB]
Presentation of EIHP2 at the General Meeting of ISO TC197 in Paris in OCT2001
[pdf, 250 kB]
EIHP Presentation at the occasion of the EU Contractors' Meeting,
Berlin, 25OCT2001 [pdf, 660 kB]
EIHP2 FUERO-Presentation 21JUN2001
Presentation of EIHP 2 at NHA annual meeting 2001
EIHP 1 Final Report (JAN-01) [pdf, 274 kByte]
New Working Drafts:

Gaseous Hydrogen Vehicle Refuelling Stations, Rev. 3, 22JAN2004
[Word doc 6 MB]

Comments to be directed to:

James Barron, Shell Hydrogen
Jean-Yves Faudou, Air Liquide
Henrik Andersen, Norsk Hydro
Christian Machens, Vandenborre Hydrogen Systems

Revised Draft Regulations:
most recent versions can be found in the

UNECE GRPE Informal Group "Hydrogen/ Fuel Cell Vehicles"

Regulation Revision 11 -- 04DEZ-01, word [100 kB]
Regulation Revision 11 Annexes -- 04DEZ-01, word [247 kB]
Commentaries BMVBW (06SEP-01) -- 04DEZ-01, word [151 kB]
Revision 8 of the draft CGH2 regulations by EIHP2, dated 23NOV-01
word [660 kB] or [pdf 440 kB]
Publications by Other Projects and Activities:

European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform
1st General Assembly
- Session B-3: "Regulations and Standards"

Chair: Reinhold Wurster, L-B-Systemtechnik GmbH, D
Co-Chair: Prof. Kari Törrönen, Joint Research Centre, NL

Participants: '
Andreas Piepereit, DaimlerChrysler, D
Peter Michel, BMW, D
Per Sigurd Heggem, Raufoss Alternative Fuel Systems, N
Stephen D. Cook, BP, GB
François Dupin, DVGW, D
Kai Klinder, Vaillant, D

"Kick-Off Statements" by Reinhold Wurster
"Regulations and Standards" by Andreas Piepereit, DC
"Regulations and Standards" by Peter Michel, BMW
"Statements on Regulations and Standards" by Per S. Heggem, RAFS
"Regulations & Standards - an infrastructure perspective", Steve Cook, BP
"Regulations and Standards" by François Dupin, DVGW
"Small Stationary Fuel Cell Heating Appliances" by Kai Klinder, Vaillant
"Preliminary Recommendations to the Advisory Council" by Session B-3

1st European Hydrogen Energy Conference, Grenoble
Standards, Regulations and Safety Session, 03SEP2003, 11:00 - 12:30

PLENARY LECTURE: "Standards, regulations, and safety"
by Ulrich Schmidtchen, DWV, Germany
ROUNDTABLE: « Daily use of hydrogen : safety, codes and regulations »
Chair: Reinhold Wurster; L-B-Systemtechnik GmbH, GERMANY

Randy DEY, President of the ISO TC 197, CANADA
"ISO/TC 197 activities"

Robert MAURO, Partnership for Advancing the Transition to Hydrogen, USA
"Overview of the US Hydrogen Codes and Standards Activities"

Sergey DOROFEEV, Research Center Karlsruhe, GERMANY
"Safety aspects of hydrogen as an energy carrier"

"Risk Assessment on Hydrogen Use"

Reinhold Wurster, LBST, Germany
"Legal Requirements for Hydrogen Road Vehicles in Europe"

FUERO Workshop Gothemburg 21JUN2001:
Workshopparticipiants [pdf, 40 kB]
Accept - Ammonia Cracking for Clean Electric Power Technology
[pdf, 40 kB]
ASTOR - Project Description [pdf, 7 kB]
ASTOR - Presentation [pdf, 980 kB]
Bio H2 - Presentation [pdf, 399 kB]
Fuel Cell Technologies [pdf, 97 kB]
Fuel Cell Technologies Validation [pdf, 25 kB]
DREaMCAR - Direct Methanol Hybridcar [pdf, 90 kB]
EU - Clear Policy Targets [pdf, 400 kB]
EUCAR [pdf, 570 kB]
FUERO - Presentation [pdf, 310 kB]
Ideas for New Projects [pdf, 29 kB]
PEM-ED [pdf, 4.1 MB]
ProFuel [pdf, 110 kB]